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Monday, 22 October 2012



Bhimashankar Jyotirling is the most remote jyotirling among all the jyotirlings apart from Kedarnath. 

Nagfani Peak or Point

Finally after 6 hours of trek and walking and climbing around 10 km at around 4.30 PM we were on the top most part of the peak called Nagfani. Now those who visit Bhimashankar Temple via road also please go this  Nagfani Peak.Its  a must visit for people who want to see breath taking views. Also it /place where one will find wind blowing at tremendous speed. One will feel as if he/she is flying. If you throw any light things like paper , hankerchief etc.  it will not fall down in the valley it will come back to you , such is the force here. The peak also looks as the hood of the COBRA snake hence it is called Nagfani peak. 

Nagfani Peak : Bhimashankar 
 Then we went towards Nagfani Peak to see the views. This is also called Nagfani point.
Way to Nagfani Point : Bhimashankar
 When we reached Nagfani point we saw some stunning views at all the three sides . Cold Wind was blowing and we were enjoying its fragrance . Our all tiredness was gone .

View from Nagfani Point : Bhimashankar 

View from Nagfani Point : Bhimashankar
Then we saw something which really shocked us. A guy 17 - 18 year old walks down on the edges from Nagfani point below . If he slips even by a cm he will straight away  reach the heaven. His three friends are standing with us. I asked them where is he going. They say that he is going down to worship Goddess Laxmi. Can you see below where the guy is going and how? He was climbing down in the way shown in the picture.  I asked them is goddess there ? They said yes a swayambhu idol is engraved on the rocks and that guy has gone to light a lamp and pray . I was stunned, but equally impressed with the devotion.
At Nagfani point one of guy going down to worship Laxmi Maa.

Jatdevta makes some poses at Nagfani peak : Bhimashankar 
 Then we headed towards the temple which was around half a kilometer from here.
A big concern everywhere in the world, This place is also not spared : Bhimashankar 
Surrounding Bhimashankar Temple , there is very small village having around 200 - 300 houses . People have no other means apart from selling pooja and prasad items. They sell lemon juices, corn to earn their lively hood.
We have to climb down a bit to reach the temple. 
On the way to temple : Bhimashankar 

A lady selling lemon juice : Bhimashankar

A small girl selling corn, poor sight to see : Bhimashankar 

A welcome board by Grampanchayat : Bhimakshankar
 Here we arrive near the gate of the temple

Coming near the entrance of the Temple : Bhimashankar 

A shop of pooja articles : Bhimashankar
Here we arrive at the temple . We get the first glance at the temple form backside.

Bhimashankar Temple 

There is also a water kund. Here before having the darshan we had bath in this chilled kund containing water of Bhima river.

A kunda with Bhima river water : Bhimashankar 
Before going further lets have a look at the legend of Bhimashankar

Bhimashankar Legend

Long Long ago in the dense forests of Dakini , There lived a asura called Bhima with his mother called Karkati. Asura Bhima was very ruthless and cruel and he had no words and feelings like compassion and mercy in his dictionary and nature.Everybody was scared by him

Once he asked his mother about his existence and about his father. To this hos mother replied that his father's name was Kumbhakarna and he wa slained by Lord Rama and incarnation of Lord Vishnu. To this he was very infuriated with Lord Vishnu and vowed to avenge his father's death. He did great penance to Lord Brahma and being pleased by him Lord Brahma gave him lot of supernatural powers which was big mistake. He created havoc everywhere disturbing all rishis and sadhus in their pious activities. He defeated King Indra and dethroned him.  All this angered all the gods and all went to Lord Shiva for help. Lord Shiva agreed to help them.

Meanwhile he also defeated a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva - Kamarupeshwar, and put him in the dungeons. He then ordered him worship him instead of shivalinga which he denied. The shrewd and cruel  Bhima raised his sword to strike the Shivalinga, to which king Kamarupeshwar was doing abhishek and pooja. As soon as Bhima raised his sword, Lord Shiva appeared before him in all his magnificence and lusture.
The terrible war began. Sage Narada appeared and requested Lord Shiva to put an end to this war. It was then that Lord Shiva reduced the evil demon to ashes and thus concluded the saga of tyranny. All the Gods and the holy sages present there requested Lord Shiva to make this place his abode. Lord Shiva thus manifested himself in the form of the Bhimashankar Jyotirlingam.
It is believed that the sweat that poured forth from Lord Shiva's body after the battle formed the Bhima river.

Bhimashankar Temple

The Bhimashankara temple is bulit  in the Nagara style of architecture. It shows the excellency of the skills. It is a modest yet graceful temple and it dates back to 13th century and the sabha mandap developed in 18th century by Nana Phadnavis a Peshwa in Maratha history. The shikhara ( dome)  was built by Nana Phadnavis. The great Maratha ruler Shivaji is said to have made endowments to this temple to facilitate worship services. As with other Shiva temples in this area, the sanctum is at a lower level.

Lets have a look at the temple 

Bhimashanakr Temple 

A banner at Bhimashankar Temple 

A banner at Bhimashankar Temple

Inside Bhimashanakar Temple 

Inside Bhimashanakar Temple 
 We then had the darshan of the jyotirlinga. Now  Lets have a look at Bhimashankar swayambhu jyotirlinga

Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga : A picture taken from photo from shops 

Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga : original photo 

Pooja Timings

Morning - 4:30 am
Aarti - 5:05 am
Normal Darshans - 5:15 am to 11:30 am.
No Abhishekam between - 11:30 am to 11:50 am.
Maha Puja - 12 pm.
Maha Nivedhyam - 12:30 pm.
Abhishekam and Normal Puja - 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm.
Shringar Puja - 2:45 pm to 3:15 pm.
Aarti - 3:15 pm to 3:30 pm
Shringar Darshan - 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm

A deep Stambh in front of the Temple : Bhimashankar 

A huge bell in front of Temple and Shani temple behind : Bhimashankar Temple
Then I and Sandeep took pictures with the temple .

Then it was time to move . But one place was remaining . The origin of Bhima river. This place is nearby and anybody will show you when you walking on the steps towards the temple .There is a temple and a kunda from which the river originates.

Temple of Bhima river origination : Bhimashankar 
Kunda where Bhima river originates ( Sweat of Lord Shiva) : Bhimashankar 

Streets of Bhimashankar.

To reach Bhimashankar 

The best way to reach Bhimashankar is to get down at Pune and catch a bus from Shivaji Nagar Bus Station or go by a private cab.Pune is around 125 kms from Bhimashankar and it would take around 3.30 to 4.00 hours to reach there .  

To the people from North and East India, I suggest them to get down at Nasik,  if Pune is not possible and then catch a bus towards Pune . In between there comes a town  called Manchar . From here there are lot of buses and private as well as sharing vehicles towards Bhimashankar. 

Map : Temple towards left is Bhimashankar and right above is Shirdi 

Routes for Bhimashankar 
To stay at Bhimashankar

Remember there are no hotels to stay at Bhimashankar . All you get is small Dharamshalas , that too are very shabby or else you can stay at someone's house as a paying guest . For staying at hotels you have to reach Manchar which is 8 km away. So before planning to reach Bhimashankar always see that at what time are you are going to visit. 

Dear Friends ,

Our next destination was Trekking on Anjaneri Parvat : Birth place of Lord Hanuman near Trimbakeshwar and Trimbakeshwar.

So finally after having darshan we decided  to move towards Manchar a town towards Pune on Pune Nasik Highway and we wanted to reach near Nasik as close as possible . We caught a ST bus and  reached Manchar in two hours at around 8.30 PM. There are lot of good hotels to stay in Manchar.

So we had our dinner in Manchar . But I thought why don't we go further . So after having dinner we headed towards Sangamner where we spent a night in hotel and left early morning towards Nasik and Trimbakeshwar.

Next post a trek on Anjaneri Parvat : Birth place of Lord Hanuman. Till then

Jai Bhole.

A bonus picture of Lord Shiva's Twelve Jyotirlinga's 


  1. गजब वर्णन, एकदम चलचित्र जैसा, द्सरा भीमाशंकर रह गया है जो कही नीचे एक किलोमीटर था।

    1. उसे गुप्त भीमाशंकर कहते है संदीप भाई . प्रतिक्रिया देने के लिए धन्यवाद.

  2. It is great to read about and have darshan of Lord Bheemashankar on this holy day.
    Greetings on this happy and auspicious occasion to you, Jatdevta and your families. Lovely post, thanks.

    1. Thanks a lot D L Narayan for going through the post and commenting on it. Best wishes to you also on this auspicious day. Coming with birth place of Lord Hanuman and Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga.

  3. read all parts... tks for sharing

    1. Thanks a lot, SS jee for going through and commenting.

  4. Beautiful documentation, appreciate your efforts to compile everything so wonderfully well. Thanks for the divine darshan. Its nice to see some pictures from inside the temple as well. I wish I can go here someday soon.

    1. Dear Arti jee

      When proper time comes Lord calls and when Lord calls nothing stops you. Only thing what we can do is to wish that Lord calls. When our wishes are pure he definitely calls his devotees. So keep wishing . Thanks for going through.

  5. Very nice description, good Photos. As Jatdevta visit your place and youu took him to BhimaShankar, If I come mumbai you may take me dome theater, as I visit here so many IMAX and they give me 3 D glasses.


  6. Vishal,
    Amazing photographs and vivid description. Your post enhanced my strong desire to visit this temple. Now Bhimashankar is next on my radar.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks Mukesh

      Go from Pune . You already had planned once for this temple . Now try in March it will be a very good time to visit specially the weather will be cool .

  7. Hello Vishal ji ,

    Very nice post. My brother also went to Bhimashanker in this manner only i.e trekking and he lost his way there and somehow he managed and returned back. Thanks for sharing bus information else I was thinking ki mai to kabhi Bhimashanker ja hi nahi paungi after hearing my bro experience. But my brother went from Neral or Karjat side? Is this place is near to Karjat as well?


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